Punchmade Dev: Age, Net Worth, Height, Girlfriend, Family, Biography, Wiki & More

      Feb 4, 2024
      Punchmade Dev: Age, Net Worth, Height, Girlfriend, Family, Biography, Wiki & More
      Punchmade Dev is an American famous person who was born Devon Turner on October 16, 2000, in North Carolina. He is known for being a rapper, singer, producer, director, businessman, actor, and investor. Besides that, he is known for being a good businessman and trader. As a child in Houston, Texas, Punchmade became very interested in technology and computer games. This eventually led to him having a great job in the entertainment industry.

      Punchmade Dev Wiki

      Let’s delve into the key details about Punchmade Dev through a comprehensive Wiki table:

      NameAgeOccupationDOBGenderStar SignEthnicityCountry
      Punchmade Dev22Rapper, Musician, Producer, Director, Businessman, Actor, InvestorOctober 16, 2000MaleNot specifiedNot specifiedUnited States


      Punchmade Dev Measurements

      Understanding the physical attributes of Punchmade Dev is essential to paint a complete picture:

      HeightWeightHair ColorEye Color
      6 ft 5 in (196 cm)70 kg (154 lbs)Not specifiedNot specified


      Punchmade Dev Life

      The result of punching From his start as a YouTube gamer, Dev gained more than 100,000 fans, which marked the start of his rise to fame. Because his fellow YouTuber YBN Nahmir inspired him, he switched to music and used the money from his game channel to pay for his activities. His first song, “How to Write a Dump,” came out in 2018. It was the start of a great job as a singer to come.

      Punchmade’s first record, UNDEFEATED, was rated platinum in 2021. It had songs like “Death Threats,” “VPN to VIP,” and “Join My Telegram Chat.” Punchmade became well-known for how good he was at singing. In addition to his work in the music business, he improved his skills by starting PUNCHMADE RECORDS, a record label that helps new artists, and PUNCHMADE CLOTHING, a brand of fashion and items that go with it. Although he directed movies like Scam Tag and Illegal Hustle, he also tried his hand at playing and was in movies like The Matrix 4 and Fast & Furious 10.


      Punchmade Dev Education

      However, Punchmade Dev’s skills in technology, music, and business show that he is self-motivated and creative, even though not much is known about his formal education.

      Not specifiedNot specifiedHigh school in Houston, Texas (graduated with a diploma)


      Punchmade Dev Net Worth

      Punched Dev is expected to have a twenty million dollar net worth by the year 2022. This wealth comes from selling songs, getting paid by streaming services and YouTube, getting ads and partnerships, selling products, making money from businesses, and smart investments.

      Net WorthAnnual SalarySource of Income
      $20 millionNot specifiedMusic, YouTube, Business Ventures, Investments


      Punchmade Dev Facts

      1. Born on October 16, 2000, in North Carolina as Devon Turner.
      2. Transitioned from a YouTube gamer to a successful rapper, inspired by YBN Nahmir.
      3. Founder and lead member of PUNCHMADE RECORDS, supporting emerging artists.
      4. Produces his own instrumentals and directs his music videos.
      5. Released platinum-certified debut album UNDEFEATED in 2021.
      6. Diversified investments in technology, fashion, and entertainment.
      7. Acted in movies like The Matrix 4 and directed films like Scam Tag and Illegal Hustle.


      Punchmade Dev FAQs

      Is Punchmade Dev in a relationship?

      As of now, Punchmade Dev is single and prefers to keep his personal life private.

      Where does Punchmade Dev live?

      Punchmade Dev resides in Los Angeles, California, owning a mansion and luxury cars.

      What is Punchmade Dev’s main source of income?

      Punchmade Dev’s main sources of income include music sales, streaming revenue, YouTube earnings, endorsements, sponsorships, merchandise sales, business profits, and investments.

      How did Punchmade Dev start his career?

      Punchmade Dev began as a YouTube gamer, later transitioning to music, inspired by fellow YouTuber YBN Nahmir.

      What awards has Punchmade Dev received?

      Punchmade Dev has received several awards and accolades for his contributions to the entertainment industry.

      Is Punchmade Dev active on social media?

      Yes, Punchmade Dev is very active on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, where he shares updates about his lifestyle, music, fashion, and business ventures.