Maharana Pratap Height, Weight, Age, Wife, Biography, Family & Facts

      Feb 4, 2024
      Maharana Pratap Height, Weight, Age, Wife, Biography, Family & Facts



      The thirteenth King of Kumbhalgarh Fort was Maharana Pratap. The fort was in Mewar, Rajasthan. On May 9, 1540, he was born. He showed an unmatched amount of bravery in protecting his country. He was a brave king who came from the Sisodia Rajput family. He had power over the towns of Bhilwara, Chittorgarh, Rajsamand, Udaipur, Pirawa (Jhalawar), Neemuch, Mandsaur (Madhya Pradesh), and Rajsamand. The full name of this brave man was “Maharana Pratap Singh Sisodiya” when he was born.


      Maharana Pratap Wiki

      Let’s delve into Maharana Pratap’s biography with a comprehensive table summarizing key details about his life.

      NameMaharana Pratap Singh Sisodiya
      Age56 years old (at the time of death)
      Occupation13th King of Mewar, Rajasthan
      Date of Birth (DOB)May 9, 1540
      Star Sign (Zodiac Sign)Taurus


      Maharana Pratap Measurements

      Maharana Pratap’s physical attributes are noteworthy. Let’s present this information in a concise table.

      HeightWeightHair ColorEye Color
      7′ 5″ (226 cm)110 KgBlackBlack


      Maharana Pratap Life

      At different times in his life, Maharana Pratap was strong and determined. He was a brave leader of his people, even though things were hard for him. We are sad to say that he died on January 19, 1597, after an accident he had while shooting. So that we can learn more about his life, let me give you a detailed table that shows family facts.

      Parent NameSpouse NameChildren Name
      Father: Udai Singh IIMaharani Ajabde PunwarAmar Singh I, Sahas Mal, Kunwar Durjan Singh, and more…


      Maharana Pratap Education

      Even though not much is known about Maharana Pratap’s official schooling, his bravery and planned skill on the battlefield speak volumes about how smart he was. It was easy for Mewar to stay safe because the fighter king was very good at leading his army.


      Maharana Pratap Net Worth

      There were rumors that Maharana Pratap had more than 1,400 Crores Indian Rupees, which showed how rich he really was. He made most of his money each year from his job as King of Mewar and other sources.

      NetworthAnnual SalarySource of Income
      Rs. 1400 Crores INRNot specifiedKing of Mewar


      Maharana Pratap Facts

      Here are seven intriguing facts about Maharana Pratap:

      1. Maharana Pratap stood 7 feet 5 inches tall, making him one of the strongest Indian warriors.
      2. His loyal horse, Chetak, sacrificed its life while crossing a 21-feet river to save Maharana Pratap.
      3. Carrying a total weight of 360 kg, including a spear of 80 kg, two swords of 208 kg, and a heavy armor of 72 kg, showcased his physical prowess.
      4. Maharana had an elephant named Ramprasad, which defeated two war elephants of the Mughals.
      5. Despite being imprisoned by Akbar, Maharana Pratap survived for a few days due to starvation.
      6. Pratap I refused to join Akbar’s court and rejected his demands, displaying his unwavering independence.
      7. Maharana Pratap successfully acquired his ruled areas in 1582.


      Maharana Pratap FAQs

      Q: How tall was Maharana Pratap?

      A: Maharana Pratap’s height was 7 feet 5 inches.

      Q: How many wives did Maharana Pratap have?

      A: Maharana Pratap had 11 spouses, including Maharani Ajabde Punwar.

      Q: What was Maharana Pratap’s net worth?

      A: His estimated net worth was around Rs. 1400 Crores Indian Rupees.

      Q: How did Maharana Pratap die?

      A: Maharana Pratap died due to an injury while hunting a tiger.

      Q: Who succeeded Maharana Pratap as the King of Mewar?

      A: His elder son, Amar Singh I, succeeded him as the King of Mewar.

      Q: How many children did Maharana Pratap have?

      A: Maharana Pratap had 16 sons, including Amar Singh I.

      Q: What was the Battle of Haldigathi?

      A: The Battle of Haldighati was a significant conflict where Maharana Pratap and his army bravely fought against the Mughals.

      Q: When was Maharana Pratap born?

      A: Maharana Pratap was born on May 9, 1540.



      Maharana Pratap’s life is a story of bravery and success in the face of hardship. Many people are still inspired by him because of his image as a brave fighter, a loyal king, and a loving father. Hearing his story continues to move people’s hearts because of the stories of his fights and the bravery with which he faced difficult situations.