Srushti Deshmukh (IAS) Wiki, Age, Husband, Family, Education, Salary, Marksheet, Biography & More

      Feb 5, 2024
      Srushti Deshmukh (IAS) Wiki, Age, Husband, Family, Education, Salary, Marksheet, Biography & More



      The Indian citizen Srushti Jayant Deshmukh was born on March 28, 1996, in Kasturba Nagar, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. He is not just any ordinary person; he is also an amazing Indian Administrative Service officer, an inspiring speaker, and a public worker. To think that she was only 23 years old when she achieved the amazing feat of getting fifth place on the UPSC/IAS test in 2018, she has become a role model and example for people, especially women, who want to work in the civil service. What about getting into the details of her life, work, and what she has done?


      Srushti Deshmukh Wiki

      Here is a snapshot of Srushti Deshmukh’s basic details in a concise table:

      NameAgeOccupationDOBGenderStar SignEthnicityCountry
      Srushti Deshmukh27IAS OfficerMarch 28, 1996FemaleAriesIndianIndia


      Srushti Measurements

      Let’s take a look at Srushti’s physical attributes:

      HeightWeightHair ColorEye Color
      5′ 6″59 kgBlackDark Brown


      Srushti Life

      Srushti’s trip is truly amazing. She did well in school and went on to earn a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering. In Kasturba Nagar, which is in Bhopal, she was born and raised. Even though the UPSC test was very hard, Srushti was able to get the fifth spot on her very first try. She was the first person in her family to achieve this important goal.

      Jayant DeshmukhIAS Arjun GowdaNot disclosed


      Srushti Education

      In her academic background, Srushti mentions that she went to Carmel Convent School, BHEL, Bhopal, and got an amazing 93.4% on her Class 12 tests there. She also got a Bachelor of Technology in Chemical Engineering from the Laxminarayan College of Technology in Bhopal. The fact that Srushti is now working as an Assistant Collector for the Government of Madhya Pradesh in Dindori shows how much she cares about education.

      Rajiv Gandhi Proudyogiki Vishwavidyalaya, BhopalLaxminarayan College of Technology, BhopalCarmel Convent School, BHEL, Bhopal


      Srushti Networth

      As of April 2023, Srushti Deshmukh’s net worth is thought to be between 30 and 35 lakhs of Indian rupees. This huge amount comes from her job as an official in the Indian Administrative Service, which pays her one lakh Indian Rupees a month and gives her other benefits from the government.

      NetworthAnnual SalarySource of Income
      INR 30-35 Lakh1 Lakh INR + AllowancesIAS Officer, Secondary Sources of Income


      Srushti Facts

      Here are seven intriguing facts about Srushti Deshmukh:

      • Srushti cleared the UPSC exam on her first attempt, securing the 5th rank.
      • She opted for Sociology as her optional subject in the UPSC 2018 exam.
      • Srushti’s success is especially commendable as she topped among the 182 female candidates who qualified in 2018.
      • Despite not attending any coaching classes, she relied on self-study using online test series and study materials.
      • Srushti married IAS Arjun Gowda in April 2022 after getting engaged in August 2021.
      • There is no information available about Srushti Deshmukh’s children at this time.
      • Her success mantra involves staying away from distractions, especially social media, and maintaining consistency in studies.


      Srushti FAQs

      Q: What is Srushti Deshmukh’s age as of 2023?

      A: Srushti is 27 years old as of 2023.

      Q: Where was Srushti Deshmukh born?

      A: Srushti was born in Kasturba Nagar, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India.

      Q: What is Srushti’s educational background?

      A: She pursued B.Tech in Chemical Engineering from Laxminarayan College of Technology, Bhopal.

      Q: Who is Srushti Deshmukh’s spouse?

      A: Srushti is married to IAS Arjun Gowda.

      Q: What is Srushti’s net worth?

      A: Her net worth is estimated to be around INR 30-35 lakhs.

      Q: How did Srushti prepare for the UPSC exam?

      A: She did not attend coaching classes but relied on online test series and study materials.

      Q: What is Srushti Deshmukh’s current posting?

      A: She is currently posted as SDM Gadarwara in Narsinghpur district of Madhya Pradesh.

      Q: Does Srushti have any children?

      A: There is no concrete information about Srushti’s children at this point.

      Q: What is Srushti’s success mantra?

      A: She emphasizes staying away from distractions, especially social media, and maintaining consistency in studies.