Santhivila Dinesh (Director) Wiki, Age, Wife, Biography, Family, Movies & Facts

      Feb 4, 2024
      Santhivila Dinesh (Director) Wiki, Age, Wife, Biography, Family, Movies & Facts



      Santhivila Dinesh, also known as Dinesh, is a renowned Tollywood director, writer, filmmaker, journalist, producer, and entrepreneur hailing from Trivandrum, Kerala, India. Born between 1972-1976, he gained fame for directing the movie “Bunglavil Outha” in 2005, establishing strong connections within the Tollywood industry. This article delves into his biography, wiki, measurements, life, education, net worth, controversies, and lesser-known facts.


      Who is Santhivila Dinesh?

      Santhivila Dinesh was born in Trivandrum, Kerala, India, between 1972-1976. A multifaceted individual, Dinesh is a director, writer, filmmaker, journalist, producer, and entrepreneur. His notable work includes directing TV serials and films in Telugu, Malayalam, Tamil, and Kannada film industries.


      Santhivila Dinesh Wiki:

      NameSanthivila Dinesh
      Age44-48 years old
      OccupationJournalist, Director, Writer, Filmmaker, Producer, Entrepreneur
      Star Sign (Zodiac Sign)Aries


      Santhivila Dinesh Life

      Santhivila Dinesh’s career soared after directing “Bunglavil Outha” in 2005, leading to associations with Tollywood celebrities. However, a controversy arose in September 2020 when artist Bhagyalakshmi filed a case against him, alleging social media offenses. The controversy involves Bhagyalakshmi and two others confronting Vijay P Nair, who disrespected women in the entertainment industry via YouTube.


      Santhivila Dinesh Early Life, Parents & Siblings

      Born in Trivandrum, Dinesh keeps details about his family private. His father, a businessman and political party member, and his mother, a homemaker, remain unnamed. With a brother in the family, Dinesh pursued filmmaking and writing from a young age, attending a local private school. He later graduated in journalism from Kerala University.


      Santhivila Dinesh Marriage, Spouse & Children

      Dinesh enjoys a happy married life, opting for arranged marriage in Trivandrum. Though his wife and children’s names remain undisclosed, glimpses of family moments appear on his social media. He balances family life with a focus on his thriving professional career.


      Santhivila Dinesh Facts:

      • Commencing as a journalist, he transitioned to the entertainment industry due to a passion for directing.
      • Reportedly, he worked as an assistant director in the film industry.
      • Achieving fame after “Bunglavil Outha,” he directed multiple hit movies.
      • His net worth was estimated at INR 80-90 Lakh as of 2020.
      • Dinesh has graced numerous awards shows, winning the best director award for his talent and excellence.


      Santhivila Dinesh FAQs:

      What is Santhivila Dinesh’s real name?

      Santhivila Dinesh’s real name is not disclosed.


      How many children does Santhivila Dinesh have?

      Santhivila Dinesh has one son, and the name is not available.


      What led to the controversy between Santhivila Dinesh and Bhagyalakshmi?

      Bhagyalakshmi filed a case against Dinesh, accusing him of social media offenses, referencing her name.


      In which film did Santhivila Dinesh rise to fame?

      Dinesh gained fame after directing the film “Bunglavil Outha” in 2005.


      What is Santhivila Dinesh’s net worth?

      His net worth is estimated to be around INR 80-90 Lakh as of 2020.

      Is Santhivila Dinesh active on social media?

      Yes, he can be found on Facebook as @santhivila.dinesh.5.






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