Lorraine Taylor (Ike Turner’s Ex-Wife), Biography, Wiki, Age, Husband, Kids, Family, Net Worth & More

      Feb 4, 2024
      Lorraine Taylor (Ike Turner’s Ex-Wife), Biography, Wiki, Age, Husband, Kids, Family, Net Worth & More



      Lorraine Taylor, also known as the ex-wife of the legendary musician Ike Turner, is a notable figure in the music industry. While her personal life details are limited, she gained recognition as the mother of Ike Turner Jr. and Michael Turner. Ike Turner, a renowned American musician, bandleader, and songwriter, had a complex personal life, and Lorraine played a significant role in it.


      Lorraine Taylor Wiki

      NameLorraine Taylor
      Also Known AsLorraine Turner
      BirthdayBetween 1948 and 1953
      AgeBetween 70 and 75
      BirthplaceThe United States of America
      ZodiacWill Update
      ParentsName Not Known
      HusbandIke Turner (Ex-husband)
      Marital StatusDivorced
      Alma MaterLocal High School
      Net Worth$1 million (approx.)
      Height5 feet 4 inches (approx.)
      Weight55 kilograms (approx.)
      Hair ColorBlack
      Eye ColorBlack


      Lorraine Taylor Measurements

      HeightWeightHair ColorEye Color
      5’4″ (approx.)55 kg (approx.)BlackBlack


      Lorraine Taylor Life

      Lorraine Taylor’s life had its share of challenges, growing up in the rural town of Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, with a troubled childhood. She gained a reputation as a wild child and faced legal issues. Her path crossed with Ike Turner, and they were married for several years, welcoming two children – Ike Turner Jr. and Michael Turner.Details about their relationship dynamics, wedding specifics, and the duration of their marriage remain elusive due to the private nature of their life and limited media coverage during that time.


      Lorraine Taylor Education

      Lorraine Taylor is a graduate, with her educational journey traced back to a local high school. Further details about her academic pursuits are not available in the public domain.


      Lorraine Taylor Net Worth

      While specifics about Lorraine Taylor’s net worth are not widely known, it is estimated to be around $1 million (approx.). Her financial status is not frequently discussed in the media, and she hasn’t been involved in high-profile business ventures or income-generating activities.Sources speculate that her income sources could include investments, savings, or undisclosed means of financial support, given her private lifestyle.


      Lorraine Taylor Facts

      • Lorraine Taylor was born between 1948 and 1953 in the United States of America.
      • She had a troubled past and a wild-child reputation in her hometown.
      • Her marriage to Ike Turner produced two sons, Ike Turner Jr. and Michael Turner.
      • Despite the divorce, Tina Turner, Ike’s subsequent wife, adopted Lorraine’s children, maintaining a close relationship.
      • Ike Turner Jr. pursued a successful career in the music industry, winning a Grammy Award in 2006.
      • Lorraine Taylor is not particularly known for a distinct career outside of her association with Ike Turner.
      • Her exact age remains uncertain due to the lack of a precise birthdate.



      While Lorraine Taylor’s life remains somewhat veiled in mystery, her connection to Ike Turner, her family life, and the musical influence she had on the legendary musician make her a significant part of music history. As her story continues to be a subject of intrigue, the details surr