Karol G Height, Weight, Age, Boyfriend, Biography, Family & More

      Feb 3, 2024
      Karol G Height, Weight, Age, Boyfriend, Biography, Family & More



      Karol G, whose full name is Carolina Giraldo Navarro, is a renowned Colombian singer and songwriter born on February 14, 1991. With numerous hit singles under her belt, Karol G has made a significant impact on the Latin music industry. Notably, her career soared when she collaborated with singer Bad Bunny. Songs like “Dame Tu Cosita,” “Créeme,” and “Ocean” have solidified her position in the music scene.In the Latin music arena, Karol G is widely recognized for her association with fellow artist Anuel AA. Their partnership has resulted in multiple hit songs, and in February 2020, the duo announced their engagement, with Anuel gifting her a lavish Black and yellow Rolls Royce on her birthday.


      Karol G Wiki

      Let’s take a closer look at some key details about Karol G:

      NameCarolina Giraldo Navarro
      Age29 years (as of 2020)
      OccupationSinger, Songwriter
      DOBFebruary 14, 1991
      Star SignAquarius


      Karol G Measurements

      Karol G’s physical attributes are as captivating as her music:

      Height5 feet 3 inches
      Weight50 Kg
      Hair ColorBlack and brown (dyed brown)
      Eye ColorDark brown

      Maintaining her allure, Karol G follows a disciplined routine, emphasizing control over her diet and engaging in regular exercise.


      Karol G Life

      Karol G’s journey from a young performer to a Latin music sensation is captivating. Born in Medellín in 1991, she displayed her passion for music at the age of 14. Her participation in the “X Factor” showcased her early dedication to the craft. Completing her schooling at Calasanz School, Karol G later graduated from the University of Antioquia.n her personal life, Karol G’s engagement to Anuel AA, a fellow singer, has been a highlight. Anuel, with a child from a previous marriage, proposed in 2020, marking a significant chapter in their relationship. With a massive following on social media and collaborations with artists like J Balvin, Karol G’s personal and professional life intertwine seamlessly.

      ParentsJuan Guillermo (Father), Marta (Mother)
      SiblingJessica (Elder Sister)
      SpouseAnuel AA (Engaged)


      Karol G Education

      Karol G’s commitment to education is noteworthy. She attended Calasanz School for her schooling and pursued further studies at the University of Antioquia.

      UniversityUniversity of Antioquia
      College(Information not available)
      SchoolCalasanz School


      Karol G Net Worth

      The accomplished singer has not only made her mark in music but has also amassed substantial wealth. Karol G’s net worth is estimated at $6 million USD, as of 2020. This includes earnings from her albums, singles, and various collaborations.

      Net Worth$6 million USD (2020)
      Annual Salary(Information not available)
      Source of IncomeMusic, Collaborations


      Karol G Facts

      Here are some intriguing facts about Karol G:

      • Real Full Birth Name: Carolina Giraldo Navarro.
      • Karol G is a good friend of soccer legend Lionel Messi.
      • J Balvin considers Karol G as a sister, emphasizing their strong bond.
      • She loves Mexican food, as shared on her Instagram.
      • Karol G, an ice sports enthusiast, was spotted enjoying skiing in Colorado with Anuel AA.
      • In 2019, she graced the cover page of Paper magazine.
      • Karol G has a fondness for expensive watches from brands like Rolex and Omega.


      Karol G FAQs

      Q: When was Karol G born?

      A: Karol G was born on February 14, 1991.


      Q: What is Karol G’s height?

      A: Karol G is 5 feet 3 inches tall.

      Q: What is Karol G’s net worth?

      A: Karol G’s net worth is $6 million USD, as of 2020.


      Q: Who is Karol G engaged to?

      A: Karol G is engaged to fellow singer Anuel AA.


      Q: How many songs has Karol G released?

      A: Karol G has released more than 40 songs, including hits like “Tusa” and “Dame Tu Cosita.”



      Karol G’s journey from a young performer to a Latin music sensation is an inspiring story. With her engaging music, strong relationships, and impressive net worth, she continues to make waves in the industry. As a singer, songwriter, and performer, Karol G has left an indelible mark on the Latin music scene.