Hindustani Bhau (Bigg Boss) Wiki, Age, Wife, Height, Weight & Bio

      Feb 5, 2024
      Hindustani Bhau (Bigg Boss) Wiki, Age, Wife, Height, Weight & Bio



      Hindustani Bhau, whose real name is Vikas Fhatak, is a prominent Indian Social Media Personality, YouTuber, Reality Television Star, Reporter, and TikTok Sensation hailing from Mumbai, India. Born on August 7, 1983, he is best known for his bold and often controversial YouTube videos. His style, reminiscent of Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt, has garnered him a significant following. Bhau made a splash as a wildcard entry on Bigg Boss 13 during the Diwali weekend in 2019.


      Hindustani Bhau Wiki

      Let’s take a closer look at the key details of Hindustani Bhau’s life through a comprehensive table:

      NameAgeOccupationDOBGenderStar SignEthnicityCountry
      Vikas Fhatak (Bhau)36YouTuber, Reporter, TikTok StarAugust 7, 1983MaleLeoMarathiIndia


      Hindustani Bhau Measurements

      Here’s a table summarizing Hindustani Bhau’s physical measurements:

      HeightWeightHair ColorEye ColorBiceps SizeBody MeasurementsShoe SizeTattoo Details
      5′ 8″ (173 cm)70 KgBlackBlack1642-34-36UK 91. Son’s name and stars on right hand, 2. Sai Baba on left hand


      Hindustani Bhau Life

      Vikas Fhatak was born into a Hindu Marathi family in Mumbai in 1983. While his parents’ details remain undisclosed, he attended St. Andrew High School and later obtained his degree from St. Xavier College.


      Hindustani Bhau Marriage and Family

      Bhau’s wedding, arranged by family members, took place on December 13. His wife’s name is not known, and the couple is blessed with a son named Aditya Fhatak. A tattoo on Bhau’s right hand proudly displays his son’s name.


      Hindustani Bhau Education

      Hindustani Bhau completed his education, earning a college degree. He attended St. Andrew High School for his early education and further pursued his studies at St. Xavier College.


      Hindustani Bhau Networth

      Known for his impactful presence on various platforms, Hindustani Bhau has an estimated net worth of Rs. 80 Lakh Indian Rupees. His income sources include social media sponsorships, YouTube Adsense earnings, and his salary from television shows.

      NetworthAnnual SalarySource of Income
      Rs. 80 LakhVariableSocial Media Sponsorships, YouTube Adsense, TV salary


      Hindustani Bhau Facts

      Here are some lesser-known facts about Hindustani Bhau:

      • Vikas has tattoos of his son’s name and stars on his right hand, and Sai Baba on his left hand.
      • His favorite travel destination is Dubai.
      • He is an avid admirer of Rahat Fateh Ali Khan’s songs.
      • Bhau has a collection of Suzuki Ertiga car, Yamaha R15, and Royal Enfield motorcycle.
      • Apart from his online presence, Bhau had a news reporter job at the Daksh Police Times.
      • He was honored with the Best Crime Reporter award.
      • Bhau often expresses his patriotism by starting his videos with “Jai Hind.”


      Hindustani Bhau FAQs

      Q: What is Hindustani Bhau’s real name?

      A: Hindustani Bhau’s real name is Vikas Fhatak.


      Q: When was Hindustani Bhau born?

      A: Hindustani Bhau was born on August 7, 1983.


      Q: What is Hindustani Bhau’s favorite color?

      A: Bhau’s favorite colors are green and brown.


      Q: How many subscribers does Hindustani Bhau have on YouTube?

      A: Hindustani Bhau has over 1.07 million subscribers on YouTube.


      Q: What are Hindustani Bhau’s favorite hobbies?

      A: Bhau enjoys traveling, singing, and swimming.




      Hindustani Bhau, with his unique style and bold persona, has carved a niche for himself in the world of social media and reality television. From his early life and education to his family and achievements, this article provides a comprehensive overview of the man behind the Hindustani Bhau persona.