Byreddy Siddharth Reddy Wiki, Age, Wife, Biography, Family & Facts

      Feb 5, 2024
      Byreddy Siddharth Reddy Wiki, Age, Wife, Biography, Family & Facts



      Born on March 2, 1988, Byreddy Siddharth Reddy is a famous Indian politician. Born and raised in Nandikotur, which is in the Kurnool area of Andhra Pradesh, India. He was famous not only for his political accomplishments but also for his political efforts, even though he was the nephew of the famous politician Byreddy Rajasekhar Reddy. A very important person in the YSR Congress Party is Siddharth, especially since he is in charge of Nandikotkur for the party. This year, 2019, he was given the title of Nandikotur Youth Leader winner. Siddharth’s birthday was March 2, 2020. When he celebrated, he got a lot of birthday wishes from important people, which made the event very special for him.


      Byreddy Siddharth Reddy Wiki

      NameAgeOccupationDOBGenderStar SignEthnicityCountry
      Byreddy Siddharth Reddy32Politician02 March 1988MalePiscesIndianKurnool, Andhra Pradesh


      Byreddy Siddharth Reddy Measurements

      HeightWeightHair ColorEye Color
      5 feet 10 inches80 kilograms (176.37 lbs)BlackBlack


      Byreddy Siddharth Reddy Life

      Birnie Siddharth Reddy is his name, and he is the youngest child in his family. He came from a family that backed politics and was born in Nandikotur, Kurnool. His father, a wealthy businessman and political party member, and his mother, an involved politician, both had an impact on his early life. He also has an older brother named Jai Reddy who is a member of the YSR party. Siddharth went to a government high school in the place where he was born for his secondary schooling. After that, he went to a city-based school called Saint Joseph’s University in Bengaluru to keep studying. After being inspired by his uncle Byreddy Rajasekhar Reddy, who used to be a member of the Telugu Desam Party, Siddharth finally chose to become a politician.

      Parent’s NameSpouse’s NameChildren’s Name
      Not AvailableUnmarriedNo


      Byreddy Siddharth Reddy Education

      Siddharth completed his college degree, having attended a local high school and later Saint Joseph’s University, Bengaluru.

      Saint Joseph’s UniversityNot AvailableLocal High School


      Byreddy Siddharth Reddy Networth

      As a young politician, Siddharth entered politics after completing his studies, receiving continuous support from his uncle. In 2017, he joined the YSR Congress Party and served as the party’s coordinator for a period. By March 2020, he took on the role of Incharge of YSRCP. Siddharth’s political career yields a monthly salary of approximately Rs 95,000. His net worth is estimated at Rs. 3-4 crore Indian Rupees as of 2020.

      Networth (INR)Annual SalarySource of Income
      3-4 croreRs 95,000YSR Congress Party


      Byreddy Siddharth Reddy Facts

      • Siddharth enjoys playing with his nephew during his free time.
      • A strong advocate for youth engagement in politics, he encourages the younger generation to participate actively.
      • Beyond politics, Siddharth showcases his skills as a badminton player.
      • Displaying his commitment to social causes, he donated blood at a blood donation camp on December 21, 2019.
      • Siddharth is an avid dog lover and is proud to have a Maltese puppy as a pet.
      • His religious inclination is evident through his frequent posts on religious ceremonies.
      • Following the principles of Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar, Siddharth remains a devoted follower.


      Byreddy Siddharth Reddy FAQs

      Is Byreddy Siddharth Reddy married?

      No, he is unmarried as of now.


      What is Siddharth’s educational background?

      Siddharth completed his college degree, having attended a local high school and later Saint Joseph’s University, Bengaluru.


      How did Siddharth enter politics?

      Siddharth entered politics after completing his studies, with strong support from his uncle, Rajasekhar.


      What is Siddharth’s role in the YSR Congress Party?

      As of March 2020, Siddharth serves as the Incharge of YSRCP.


      What is Siddharth’s monthly salary from politics?

      Siddharth earns approximately Rs 95,000 per month from his political career.








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