Safinaz Sattar Age, Net Worth, Biography, Wiki, Relationship, Family

      Dec 15, 2022
      Safinaz Sattar Age, Net Worth, Biography, Wiki, Relationship, Family


      Safinaz Sattar was born in Germany in 2000, and she is known for being an actor. Safinaz Sattar was born in the country of Germany. It’s possible that the roles she played in “Slborn[1]IMDB (2020)” and “Tatort” are the main reason why she is so well-known around the world.

      In Germany, where she works in film and TV, the young actress has already made a name for herself and is known as a successful professional. Her acting skills have not only impressed people who work in the business, but also people who have seen her perform.

      Sattar is seen as one of Germany’s future stars and leaders, especially in his field of expertise. She is one of the newcomers who is excited about getting a foothold in the film industry. This is because she has already done a lot of projects. She is one of the newcomers who is excited about the chance to get started in the movie business, and she is one of those newcomers.

      We took the time and made the effort to put together all the information you need about the talent that is available in Germany. Keep going down the page to learn some surprising things about Safinaz that you might not have known before.


      Safinaz Sattar Wik

      Full Real NameSafinaz Sattar.
      ProfessionActor, Entertainer.
      Age (As of 2020)21 Years Old.
      Birth PlaceBerlin, Germany.



      Safinaz Sattar Relationship Status

      Safinaz Sattar is very private about its life. According to the most recent news, Right now, Safinaz Sattar is Single.



      Safinaz Sattar Net Worth

      Lets check out Safinaz Sattar Net Worth, Income, Salary.
      Net Worth $8 Million
      Salary Per year$1 Million 
      Income Per Month$1,00,000
      Income Per Day$3,000


      Safinaz Sattar Physical Appearance

      Height5 feet 5.5 inches (167 cm).
      Weight52 Kg (114 lbs)
      Hair ColorBlack.
      Eye ColorDark Brown.
      Hair TypeCurly.
      Body TypeSlim.


      Safinaz Sattar Family

      Father Name–                    
      Mother Name
      Brother Name
      Sister Name
      Marital Status


      Safinaz Sattar Contact Details

      Lets check out Safinaz Sattar Phone no, Email address, Instagram and Facebook details.
      Phone NumberNot Available


      Safinaz Sattar FAQs


      1. Where does Safinaz Sattar is from?

      Ans – Safinaz Sattar is from California, USA.


      2. How tall is Safinaz Sattar?

      Ans – Safinaz Sattar is 5’ 7” tall

      3. How old is Safinaz Sattar?

      Ans – Please check out Safinaz Sattar age above wiki section.

      4. What is Safinaz Sattar Religion?

      Ans – Safinaz Sattar is Non Religious.



      5. What is Safinaz Sattar Education?

      Ans – Safinaz Sattar has completed graduation with good marks.

      6. What is Safinaz Sattar Ethnicity?

      Ans – Safinaz Sattar is American.

      7. What is Safinaz Sattar Zodiac Sign?

      Ans – Safinaz Sattar Zodiac sign is libra.