Prince Thompson Age, Net Worth, Biography, Wiki, Relationship, Family

      Dec 18, 2022
      Prince Thompson Age, Net Worth, Biography, Wiki, Relationship, Family


      Information about Prince Thompson’s parents, his Wikipedia page, his age, and his biography. The information below comes from Tristan Thompson’s son, Jordan Craig. The following is how to describe Jordan Craig: Prince Thompson was born on December 12, 2016, and most people think he is the most famous child to be born in the United States. He is Prince Thompson and Kim Kardashian’s son. His mother is the Instagram model known as “Jordan Craig,” and his father is the Canadian basketball player known as “Tristan Thompson.” The woman who will one day be Prince Thomson’s mother has posted a number of photos she took during her pregnancy on Instagram. These pictures were taken by the woman who was going to have a baby.

      Also, Jordan Craig threw herself a beautiful baby shower and invited all of her friends and family to celebrate the birth of her child with her. She has also asked a large number of well-known celebrities who are her personal friends or family members to be there and take part.

      Prince Thompson was born in the city of San Francisco, which is in the state of California and the country of the United States of America, on December 12, 2016. Prince is definitely one and a half years old (1.5) as of today, April 11, 2018, and he must be at least that old at the very least. Throughout the whole time they have been together, Prince’s parents have given off the impression that they are very careful about their child. So far, they have only given us a few pictures and pieces of information about him. Because of this, we don’t know much about his personal life, like what he did as a child or other parts of his life.

      Also, his father and mother have been dating for a long time. Since before he was born, this has been going on. Despite this, the partners realised that it would be best for them to stop seeing each other after a number of fights. Because of this, Jordan Craig has no choice but to raise her child on her own. She can’t do anything else. Many people think that Khloe Kardashian was the main reason Jordan and Tristan broke up. Quite a few people agree with this point of view.


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      Prince Thompson Relationship Status

      Prince Thompson is very private about its life. According to the most recent news, Right now, Prince Thompson is Single.



      Prince Thompson Net Worth

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      Net Worth $8 Million
      Salary Per year$1 Million 
      Income Per Month$1,00,000
      Income Per Day$3,000


      Prince Thompson Physical Appearance

      Height (approx.)5’ 7”
      Weight (approx.)
      70 kg

      Eye ColourBrown
      Hair ColourBrown


      Prince Thompson Family

      Father Name–                    
      Mother Name
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      Sister Name
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      Prince Thompson Contact Details

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      Phone NumberNot Available


      Prince Thompson FAQs


      1. Where does Prince Thompson is from?

      Ans – Prince Thompson is from California, USA.


      2. How tall is Prince Thompson?

      Ans – Prince Thompson is 5’ 7” tall

      3. How old is Prince Thompson?

      Ans – Please check out Prince Thompson age above wiki section.

      4. What is Prince Thompson Religion?

      Ans – Prince Thompson is Non Religious.



      5. What is Prince Thompson Education?

      Ans – Prince Thompson has completed graduation with good marks.

      6. What is Prince Thompson Ethnicity?

      Ans – Prince Thompson is American.

      7. What is Prince Thompson Zodiac Sign?

      Ans – Prince Thompson Zodiac sign is libra.