XXXTENTACION Net Worth, Earning, Income, Salary & Career

      Nov 8, 2022
      XXXTENTACION Net Worth, Earning, Income, Salary & Career


      There are now 37.6 million people who have subscribed to XXXTENTACION’s channel on YouTube. This channel is all about music and has become well-known in recent years because of what it has to offer. 2015 is the year that XXXTENTACION’s career as a band got off the ground.

      It’s likely that XXXTENTACION’s wealth has caught your eye, so let’s take a look at that. XXXTENTACION is a rapper from the U.S. You might also be interested in how much money XXXTENTACION makes in a given year as a whole. Even though we’ll never know the exact number, we can still make an educated guess based on what we know.
      At this point, it’s likely that you’re curious about how much money XXXTENTACION makes each year.

      The XXXTENTACION YouTube channel gets an average of 2.22 million new views per day, which adds up to an average of 66.59 million views per month.

      When a video has been watched more than a thousand times on YouTube, the owner of a YouTube channel that has ads in its videos is eligible for cash payment. Depending on how popular their videos are, content creators may make anywhere from $3 to $7 when a thousand people watch their videos on YouTube. Based on what we’ve seen, we can say that XXXTENTACION’s YouTube channel makes $266,37 thousand a month from advertising and $4 million a year.

      Some channels on YouTube make even more money than $7 per thousand views of their video. “Monetized” is the word for these channels. It is estimated that XXXTENTACION could make a maximum of $7.19 million a year. This number represents the top end of the range of possible incomes.


      XXXTENTACION Net Worth – $15.98 Ā Million

      Net Worth$15.98 Million
      Monthly Income$40,000
      Yearly Salary$300,000 +
      Daily Income$1,500 +



      What is XXXTENTACION ‘s Net Worth ?

      The annualĀ  earning of XXXTENTACION is around $15.98 Million. I know that every XXXTENTACION fan has the same question: how much does XXXTENTACION make money? as well as What is XXXTENTACION Net Worth per year. So We have already covered detailed information about XXXTENTACION Income and Salary above.



      NameJahseh Dwayne Ricardo Onfroy
      Nick NameXXXTentacion
      Birth23rd January 1998
      BirthplacePlantation, Florida, the United States
      Death18 June 2018
      Cause of DeathGunshot
      Death placeDeerfield Beach, Florida, the U.S.
      ProfessionAmerican rapper, singer, and songwriter
      Age20 years (During Death)


      What is XXXTENTACION Income per Month ?

      XXXTENTACION income salary is around $40,000 per month.


      What is XXXTENTACION Source of Income ?Ā 

      XXXTENTACION is a star on social media. So most of his money comes from ads and sponsorships.