‘Who Killed Sara?’ Season 3 Ending Explained

      Nov 3, 2022
      'Who Killed Sara?' Season 3 Ending Explained



      What are some of the factors that can cause mental exhaustion? Where are we with the problems that haven’t been solved? Since they last talked 18 years ago, Alex Guzman hasn’t heard from his sister Sara. The last time they talked was in 1998. Alex is the only person who doesn’t think Sara died because of something that happened while she was paragliding. Everyone else is doing it. At the end of the second season, Marifer finally said that she was the one who killed Sara. Lets check out explanation of ‘Who Killed Sara?’ Season 3 Ending which is given below.

      Abel Martinez Osorio is the father of both Marifer and Sara. He is their biological father. So, Marifer is half-sister to Sara. Lucia, the mother of Sara and Alex, was the person he sexually assaulted. The fact that Alex and Sara don’t have a father makes the family tree more complicated, but you don’t need to know how she was killed to know this. Cesar Lazcano shot at Abel while he was beating up Sara in her house. Alex found the dead body of Abel in Sara’s garden, which was a terrible thing to find. Cesar had already left Mexico by the end of Season 2, so Chema was forced to take the blame for Alex’s death. Chema, who was at the end of his rope, admitted to killing Abel in order to save his relationship with Alex, the only person he truly loved.


      ‘Who Killed Sara?’ Season 3 Ending Explained

      Lets continue the story of Who was the one who killed Sara? At the start of the third season, Chema is shown doing time in prison, while Cesar is shown escaping to the Seychelles Islands with $13 million. Elisa Lazcano, who was Alex’s girlfriend in Season 2, started a fire at the casino that her family owned so that her father’s business would fail and her family would lose all of their money.

      Marifer got out of the casino fire without getting hurt, so she will be back for the third season. Marifer is still in the hospital getting better from her injuries, and she might be able to help Alex figure out who killed Sara. Reinaldo Gómez de la Cortina is Season 3’s principal character. When Sara was in college, she got drugs from the father of her friend Nicandro, who was also part of Alex’s group of rich kids. Alex thought Nicandro had died in London, but in Season 3, he shows up out of the blue to tell Sara what he and Reinaldo did to her. In the next sentence, Nicandro talks about what happened. Let’s find out what happened to Sara Guzman in the end, shall we?

      Cesar Lazcano’s character changed the most over the course of “Who Killed Sara?” A bad guy who was able to win back the audience’s favour. Cesar was told he only had two months to live, so he decided to do something important for his family before he died. Rodolfo, Chema, and Elisa didn’t like Cesar because they thought he wasn’t caring or sensitive, so they didn’t like him. Cesar’s wife, Mariana, knew about all of Cesar’s illegal activities, like smuggling drugs and selling people, and she didn’t try to hide this information from anyone.

      During the second season, Cesar stole more than $13 million and ran away to the Seychelles Islands to avoid paying taxes and live a good life away from his family. Alex acted quickly and stole all of his money, but he did this so that he could send him back to Mexico. Alex and his friends all knew that Cesar valued money more than Alex did. He did something during the third season that shocked everyone.

      Cesar kept quiet about the fact that he had pancreatic disease, so he had to go through his pain alone. Since there was no chance of getting help, he decided that the only way to save Alex’s life was to give up his own. Cesar chose Alex before Rodolfo and Chema. Alex was the first player he picked. Cesar often said that Alex was like the son he had always wanted but could never have. He was sure that Alex would keep taking care of the family after he died, so he decided to do it himself.

      The court said he killed Abel Martnez and Reinaldo and was involved in human trafficking, tax fraud, making up papers, and tax fraud. The court also said that he lied on his taxes. Due to his illness, it wasn’t thought that he would be able to stay in jail for more than two months. There is where he will die. In none of the episodes of the show does anyone talk about how he died. This is the first time in the series that a parent has spoken out in pain and shown how weak they are. Cesar had never shown any signs of emotion or affection before, but now that we have known him for so long, we are seeing a new side of him.

      Because of this, Mariana decided to join the convent. Even though her children had moved away, she still thought about them all the time. She keeps hurting herself because she blames herself for her failures, and the only thing that might bring her some peace is if she were to die.

      Elisa, Alex, Chema, and Lucia go to the cemetery where Reinaldo buried many of his patients to visit Sara’s grave. So that they can be with Sara, they do this. Alex has told the right people where the hidden place is so that the families of the people who died in the experiment can give their loved ones a proper burial. After the way they treated Sara as a sign of respect, the four people withdrew from all of their opponents and left the area. Who was the one who killed Sara? The end of the third season is finally here, and it’s a peaceful and happy one.