LeafyIsHere Net Worth, Earning, Income, Salary & Career

      Nov 15, 2022
      LeafyIsHere Net Worth, Earning, Income, Salary & Career


      LeafyIsHere is one of the YouTube channels with the most views on all of their videos. This channel is always ranked high among the most popular ones on YouTube because it has more than 4.9 million followers. 2011 was the first year that LeafyIsHere.com, the website’s current name, was open to the public.

      We get asked a lot, “How much does LeafyIsHere make or how much is LeafyIsHere worth?” How much money does LeafyIsHere make each year? and How much money does LeafyIsHere make each year? The YouTuber is not being very honest about their current financial situation on their channel. Even so, we can give an estimate that is pretty close to the real value.
      LeafyIsHere’s personal wealth is unknown, but according to the website Hollywood Maza, it is probably between $9.3 million and $10 million.

      On the other hand, some people think that LeafyIsHere could have a much higher net worth than that. They think it’s possible that this is the case, and it very well could be the case. If we believe our best estimates, the company could be worth as much as $13,001,000,000 if we use our best judgement and think about all the ways it could make money. In other words, if we use our best judgement, the company could be worth as much as $13,001,000,000.
      On average, 38.73 million people watch LeafyIsHere’s YouTube channel every month, which is about 1.29 million people every day.


      LeafyIsHere Net Worth – $9.3  Million

      Net Worth$9.3 Million
      Monthly Salary$30,000
      Yearly Salary$200,000 +
      Daily Income$1,000 +



      What is LeafyIsHere’s Net Worth ?

      The annual salary of LeafyIsHere is around $9.3 Million. I know that every LeafyIsHere fan has the same question: how much does LeafyIsHere make money? as well as What is LeafyIsHere Net Worth per year. So We have already covered detailed information about LeafyIsHere Income and Salary above.


      LeafyIsHere Wiki

      BornCalvin Lee Vail
      August 18, 1995 (age 27)[1][2]

      Utah, U.S.[1]


      What is LeafyIsHere Income per Month ?

      LeafyIsHere salary income is around $40,000 per month.


      What is LeafyIsHere Source of Income ? 

      LeafyIsHere is works as celebrity on social media. So most of his income comes from ads as well as  sponsorships.